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Elevator Modernization Mechanic

A skilled mechanic with experience of hydraulic and traction elevators.

About this position

We are looking for a skilled mechanic to join our modernization team. In this role you will perform complete modernizations and repairs for hydraulic and traction elevators – including the installation of high technology controllers, door equipment, pumping units, hoist machines, wiring and connections, fixtures, hoist ropes, and packings.


  • Health insurance, dental, vision and life insurance coverage
  • 6% match toward your retirement account
  • Top Pay in the industry/mechanic scale
  • Advancement Opportunities through our CET training program


  • Successfully complete modernizations and repairs professionally and profitably
  • Carry out repair, modernizations and inspections of elevators, and related devices to ensure their effective and efficient operation in line with safety regulations and OSHA requirements
  • Perform alteration tests to ensure the proper operation of safety devices during final inspections
  • Assist in determining the suitability of present elevator equipment, proposed modifications, and new equipment
  • Perform other related duties incidental to the work described (this is not an exhaustive list of all potential responsibilities and duties)


  • 7+ years of elevator modernization experience
  • State of New York Certificate of Competency required
  • Certified Elevator Technician (CET) degree or Elevator Mechanic License
  • Experience with both traction and hydraulic elevators
  • Experience working with hand and electrical tools, hydraulics, wiring, plumbing, installing controllers, reading schematics, testing of elevators, elevator inspections a plus
  • High School Diploma or equivalent

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