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A Fresh Start for Start Elevator

You may have noticed that Start Elevator has a new brand. We have a bold, playful new logo, a distinctive style, and strong, clear messaging. And while we’re proud to showcase a shiny new image, there are reasons behind this rebranding which have very little to do with Start Elevator – and everything to do with the customers we serve.

Start Elevator

Start Elevator started as a small, family-run business in 1992. As many start-ups in the industry, our constant focus soon became to serve our customers and make sure operations ran smoothly, which meant spending the majority of our efforts on delivering a quality service – and less on marketing. Over the decades, we have grown into a successful, thriving business, and Start Elevator has become a household name in New York. We’ve spent a lot of time establishing a great service culture and quality processes within our organization, and now is the time for us to ensure that our appearance reflects those efforts through a strong brand – a brand that communicates the values and the strengths that Start represents.

Why Do We Need a Fresh Start?

Rebranding is not just about giving a business a new coat of paint. It’s a strategic process that helps to open up new, exciting opportunities to communicate and engage with customers and suppliers. For us at Start Elevator, our refreshed brand is a channel for us to help our customers understand what we stand for, what we are committed to, and how we’ll serve them. But at the same time, it’s also an opportunity for our team to take pride in the organization they work for, and feel more connected to the business and their co-workers. A strong brand helps tie everything together, and we’re excited about flying the new Start Elevator flag.

Reason 1: Everyone Needs to Adapt

Markets are constantly evolving around us, including the real estate and elevator industries. Customer needs and preferences will shift as a natural part of this. The messages and images that appealed to our audience a few years ago may no longer resonate with them today. Rebranding allows us to align our brand with current market trends and changing customer demands, which helps us to ensure we stay relevant – and helps the right customers find us when they need us.

Reason 2: We Are Different

Let’s be honest: the New York elevator market is a crowded space. There are plenty of companies out there delivering the same type of services that we do, and we need to make sure that we are recognizable and available when customers look for options. In a busy market, it’s easy to become complacent and deliver less value over time, which is what is happening for a lot of elevator service companies in New York. We want to send a strong message that we are a dependable and cost-effective alternative, and we need to stand out in order to help customers find us when they’re ready to switch to a better option.

Reason 3: We Are Moving Forward

It’s easy to get stuck in the past. Many companies spend years without ever thinking about how they appear to the outside world, or how they could position themselves clearer to help customers identify with their values. Just like individuals develop and grow over time, so do businesses. Through adversities and challenges, we become stronger, smarter, and better at what we do. By investing in sharing our story and our company values, we can reflect the journey we’ve been on as well as the future we are moving towards, day by day.

Reason 4: We Are Investing in Our Business

We’re proud of what we’ve achieved at Start Elevator since its humble beginnings some thirty years ago, and we recognize that the time has come to reward the business with an investment in our message and our presentation to the outside world. Meanwhile, a rebrand can of course also often help to re-energize a team, and instill a sense of pride in the organization. Our aim is that our employees will feel invigorated by a fresh start, and that it will translate into a strong cultural identity that allows everyone to work better together for the benefit of their entire team and – ultimately – the customer.

Moving Forward with a Fresh Perspective

In conclusion, the Start rebrand is not just about designing a logo or coming up with a clever tagline; it’s a strategic investment in the future of our business. It will help us strengthen our market position, help us align ourselves better to our customers, and drive future growth. As a business, we’re proud to be embracing change and we see our rebrand as a testament to our commitment to staying relevant to our customers.

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